University of Memphis
Dept Math Sciences
MATH 1730 Pre-Calculus
Fall 2018

Course Description

Weekly Schedule


Our Final Exam is on Tuesday, December 11, 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
The questions will be similar to those from the quizzes and tests.

Extra Credit Homework Assignment:  XCHW # 4 (Due Friday December 7)

Test # 4: Analytic Trigonometry, is on Thursday, November 29.
Part of the exercises for Chapter Six are listed below (for Quiz # 7).
Here is the rest of Chapter Six, plus exercises from Chapter Seven:

Practice Exercises for Quiz # 7 - Friday, November 16

Test # 3 - Thursday, November 8
In addition to the exercises listed below for quizzes 5 and 6,
work on the following from sections 6.1-2 (Trig Identities and Equations):

Online Lecture: Angles and Angular Measure

Five-Degree Trig Tables

The Unit Circle

Extra Credit Homework Assignment:  XCHW # 3 (Due Friday November 16)

Practice Exercises for Quiz # 6 - Friday, November 2

Practice Exercises for Quiz # 5 - Friday, October 26

Table of Logarithms

Extra Credit Homework Assignment:  XCHW # 2 (Due Friday October 19)

In addition to the exercises listed below for Quizzes # 3 and 4,
here are the exercises to be practicing to get ready for our
Mid-Term Exam, Thursday October 11:

Here are the practice exercises for Quiz # 4, Friday October 5.
The topics include Graphs of Polynomials; Factor Theorem, Remainder Theorem, and Synthetic Division;
Finding Rational, Real, and Imaginary Roots of Polynomials (i.e., The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra).

Practice Exercises for Quiz # 3 - Friday, September 28

Extra Credit Homework Assignment:  XCHW # 1 (Due Thursday October 4)

Practice Exercises for Test # 1 - Tuesday, September 18

Exercises from Chapter Two:
(this is addition to the exercises already listed for the quizzes)

Test # 1 covers sections 1.1 through 2.5, so after you have
finished the ones posted here you can look over the review questions
and the chapter tests at the end of Chapters One and Two.

Exercises from Chapter Two:
(there are more exercises in the textbook than the ones listed below,
but the ones listed are the ones to make sure you know how to do
before taking Monday's quiz, which also includes Absolute Value problems
from Chapter One, as listed down below and reviewed in class)

I would estimate that 40% of Quiz # 2 will cover absolute value problems
(from Chapter One), while 60% will cover equations for lines (from Chapter Two).

Exercises from Chapter One:
(look over two or three of each type of problem,
checking against the answers at the end of the textbook)

Exercises for Labor Day Weekend:

When you've finished those, you can try some of the Chapter One Review Exercises,
mostly the ones on page 75 and a few from the top of page 76.
There is also a practice test on pages 79-80.

Arithmetic Practice Execises

Online Lecture: Functions and Graphs