MATH 1730
Pre-Calculus: Algebra and Trigonometry
Department of Mathematical Sciences
The University of Memphis

Course Description:
A one-semester four-hour course designed to review material covered in three years of
high school algebra and analytic geometry. This course is referred to as "Pre-Calculus"
since it is intended to prepare students with the mathematical background needed to take
a course or course sequence in college-level calculus.
Topics to be covered include an extremely fast-paced review of algebra (algebraic notation,
solving equations and inequalities, rules for exponents and square roots, rational and radical
expressions), functions and graphs, exponential and logarithmic functions, the definitions of
the trigonometric functions in terms of the unit circle, graphs of the trigonometric functions
and their inverses, using trigonometric identities, solution sets for trigonometric equations,
applications of trigonometry, trigonometric representation of complex numbers, and,
if time permits, force-vector diagrams and conic sections.

Course Prerequisites:
Two years of high school algebra, or DSPM 0850.

Precalculus: Functions and Graphs, by Swokowski and Cole (Brooks/Cole, 12th edition).

Course Content:
Chapters 1 through 6 (Algebra and Trigonometry) from the text, plus
part of Chapters 7 (Vectors, Complex Numbers) and 10 (Conic Sections).

Web Resources: (instructorís class website) (publisherís online homework website) (math departmentís website)

Class Meetings:
9:40-11:05 a.m. Tues/Thurs, and 9:10-10:05 on Fridays
Dunn Hall, Room 223

D. P. Dwiggins, PhD (send e-mail:
Room 368, Dunn Hall (third floor)
11:30-1:30 Monday-Thursday

Course Evaluation:
There will be four 100-point tests and a 100-point daily average,
which is based on quizzes and homework.
The lowest of these five 100-point scores will be dropped,
and the next lowest may be replaced by the final exam score, if higher.

Grade Calculation:
The final exam is also worth 100 points which, along with the quizzes and tests,
gives a total of 500 points.
Divide the resulting total by 5 to obtain the semester average, with grades assigned
according to the Grade Scale .If you complete the publisherís online assignments and
this homework score is higher than the average computed above, then I will add in the
online homework score, giving a total of 600 points, dividing by 6 to give a higher
semester average.

Make-Up Policy:
No make-up for missed quizzes (lowest will be dropped, others may be replaced by
extra credit homework assignments). Three-day make-up (with excuse) for missed test or exam.

Attendance Policy:
As needed for purposes of reporting to the University and faculty advisors.

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