College Football Bowl Participation Streaks

Seventy FBS schools participated in 35 bowl games at the end of the 2013 season.
Eleven schools, although bowl eligible, did not receive bowl bids this year:
five from the Sun Belt (Western Kentucky, Troy, Texas State, South Alabama, and
Louisiana-Monroe), two each from the MAC (Toledo and Central Michigan) and C-USA
(Florida Atlantic and Texas - San Antonio), plus Penn State and San Jose State.
Only five of these had records better than 6-6: PSU, SJSU, Toledo, and UTSA all had
7-5 records, while Western Kentucky went 8-4.

Following is a list of schools with the number of consecutive bowl game appearances in parentheses:

The following schools have been to bowls in four consecutive seasons:
Baylor, Kansas State, Louisville, Michigan, Mississippi State,
Notre Dame, San Diego State, Washington

The following schools have been to bowls in three consecutive seasons:
Arizona State, Arkansas State, Cincinnati, Louisiana,
Rutgers, Texas, UCLA, Utah State, Vanderbilt

The following schools went to bowls after the 2012 and 2013 seasons, but not 2011:
Arizona, Ball State, Bowling Green, Central Florida, Duke, East Carolina, Fresno State,
Minnesota, Mississippi, Navy, Oregon State, Rice, Southern Cal, Syracuse, Texas Tech

That takes care of the 53 schools who sent teams to bowl games in both 2012 and 2013.
Listed below are the other 17 schools who were in a 2013 bowl, but who did not go bowling the year before,
with the number of years missing a bowl appearance in parentheses. (Note: If a school's last bowl appearance
was N years ago, then that school has played N1 seasons without a bowl appearance.)

Those are the 70 schools participating in the 2013 bowl season, leaving 55 schools who did not.
The following 17 schools went to a bowl at the end of the 2012 season, but not 2013:
Florida (ended 22-year streak), West Virginia (11 years), Nevada, TCU (8 years), Air Force (6 years),
Northwestern (5 years), SMU (4 years), N.C. State, Toledo, Tulsa (3 years), Iowa State, Purdue (2 years),
Central Michigan, Kent State, Louisana-Monroe, San Jose State, Western Kentucky.

The following schools went to a bowl at the end of the 2011 season, but not since then:
Arkansas, California, Florida International, Illinois, Louisiana Tech, Penn State,
Southern Mississippi, Temple, Utah, Virginia, Wake Forest, Western Michigan, Wyoming

The following schools went to a bowl at the end of the 2010 season, but not since then:
Army, Connecticut, Hawai'i, Kentucky, Miami-Ohio,
South Florida, Tennessee, Texas - El Paso, Troy.

The following schools went bowling sometime during 2001-2009, but not since then:
Idaho (2009), Florida Atlantic, Kansas, Memphis (2008),
Colorado, Indiana, New Mexico(2007), Akron (2005), UAB (2004).

That leaves 7 FBS schools who have yet to go bowling in the 21st century:
Eastern Michigan (1987 California Bowl)
New Mexico State (1960 Sun Bowl)
Massachusetts, South Alabama, Texas - San Antonio, and Texas State all joined the FBS in 2012,
and Georgia State joined in 2013.
The Media Guide for UMass gives its last bowl appearance as the 1972 Boardwalk Bowl.
The last post-season appearance for Texas State (Southwest Texas State st the time) was
a playoff berth in the 2008 Division 1 championship playoffs.
USA, UTSA, and Georgia State have had their football programs for just a few years.

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