Week # 16 Favored Team with Earliest Posted Line (LV Hilton) DPDwiggins Straight-Up Pick with Calculated Points Differential Winning Team with Actual Points Differential Straight Up Accuracy Against the Line Favored Team
Saturday, December 14 SU ATS
Army vs Navy Navy 12 Navy 23 Navy 27 Yes Yes Yes Yes
at Philadelphia
Div. 1 Championship Quarterfinals
Coastal Carolina at North Dakota St. North Dakota St. 14 North Dakota St. 22 North Dakota St. 34 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Towson at Eastern Illinois Eastern Illinois 16 Eastern Illinois 22 Towson 10 No No No No
New Hampshire at SE Louisiana SE Louisiana 7 1/2 SE Louisiana 11 New Hampshire 3 No No No No
Jacksonville St. at E. Washington E. Washington 9 1/2 E. Washington 2 E. Washington 11 Yes No Yes Yes
Div. 1 Championship Semifinals
New Hampshire at North Dakota St. North Dakota St. 20 1/2 North Dakota St. 18 North Dakota St. 38 Yes No Yes Yes
Towson at E. Washington Eastern Illinois 4 1/2 Towson 3 Towson 4 Yes Yes No No
Division 1 Championship Game
Towson vs North Dakota St. see bowl game predictions
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Picking Favorite Straight Up, Giving the Points Against the Line
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Picking Favorite Straight Up, but Taking the Dog with the Points
Bowl Game Predictions DPD Accuracy Favored Teams
Picking the Dog Straight Up, and hence Against the Line SU ATS SU ATS
5 - 2 3 - 4 - 0 4 - 3 4 - 3 - 0
No Line - Straight Up Pick only 71.4% 42.9% 57.1% 57.1%