AAC Connecticut Cincinnati Temple Louisville Rutgers    
24-Aug                                 next year, Louisville will  
31-Aug Th   Towson     Purdue   at Notre Dame Su   Ohio Th at Fresno St.   leave to join the ACC,  
7-Sep         at Illinois     Houston     E. Kentucky     Norfolk St.   Rutgers heads to the  
14-Sep     Maryland     NW State (LA)     Fordham   at Kentucky     E, Michigan   Big Ten-Plus-Whatever,  
21-Sep     Michigan   at Miami-Ohio           Florida Int'l     Arkansas   and the following  
28-Sep   at Buffalo         at Idaho               teams will join the American:  
5-Oct         at South Florida     Louisville   at Temple   at SMU   ECU  
12-Oct     South Florida F   Temple F at Cincinnati Th   Rutgers Th at Louisville   Tulane  
19-Oct   at Cincinnati     Connecticut     Army F   Central Florida         Tulsa  
26-Oct   at Central Florida         at SMU   at South Florida     Houston   Finally, in 2015 the 12-team  
2-Nov       W at Memphis   at Rutgers           Temple   AAC will include Navy  
9-Nov F   Louisville     SMU       F at Connecticut            
16-Nov   at SMU   at Rutgers     Central Florida     Houston     Cincinnati      
23-Nov   at Temple   at Houston     Connecticut     Memphis Th at Central Florida      
30-Nov     Rutgers         at Memphis         at Connecticut            
7-Dec     Memphis Th   Louisville       Th at Cincinnati     South Florida            
ColorCodes Conference Game NonConf vs BCS vs non-BCS vs FCS Homecoming    
AAC Memphis Houston SMU Central Florida South Florida    
31-Aug       F   Southern F   Texas Tech Th   Akron     McNeese St.            
7-Sep     Duke   at Temple     Montana State F at Florida Int'l   at Michigan State            
14-Sep   at MTSU               at Penn State     Florida Atlantic            
21-Sep     Arkansas St.   vs Rice   at Texas A&M                        
28-Sep         at UTSA   at TCU     South Carolina     Miami-Florida            
5-Oct     Central Florida           Rutgers   at Memphis     Cincinnati            
12-Oct   at Houston     Memphis   at Tulane         at Connecticut            
19-Oct     SMU     BYU       F at Louisville                  
26-Oct         at Rutgers     Temple     Connecticut     Louisville            
2-Nov W   Cincinnati Th   South Florida             Th at Houston            
9-Nov     UT-Martin   at Central Florida   at Cincinnati     Houston                  
16-Nov   at South Florida   at Louisville     Connecticut   at Temple     Memphis            
23-Nov   at Louisville     Cincinnati   at South Florida Th   Rutgers     SMU            
30-Nov     Temple F   SMU F at Houston F   South Florida F at Central Florida            
7-Dec   at Connecticut           Central Florida   at SMU   at Rutgers